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Vendor / Model Rules & Etiquette

Over the last decade, GLAMOURCON/VAMP has cultivated a reputation for providing a quality venue for models and vendors to sell to their merchandise and meet their fans. We believe we have a dual constituency - the fans as well as the dealers. Both must be served to the best of our ability. The following rules help ensure that you will be accorded the respect you deserve at our shows.

1) NO public nudity is allowed at VAMP/Glamourcon.
2) All models must be appropriately clothed while transiting ANY public area in the hotel.
3) Load in and out must be done through the hotel's loading dock. If you cannot hand carry your merchandise, you must use the loading dock.
4) No alcoholic beverages or smoking are allowed in the ballroom.
5) No X-rated adult videos may be shown during the show.
6) All material sold must not exceed guidelines governing adult merchandise sold in this community. If in doubt, we will provide information to you about material which is clearly prohibited.
7) It is your responsibility as the vendor to conform to all applicable tax laws including those of California. Click Here for Sellers Permit info
8) All of our shows are two days events. Those vendors / models who arrive late or leave early will not be given preferred seating at successive VAMP/Glamourcon events.

Click Here for the REQUIRED State of California Sellers Permit information

VENDORS & MODELS!! Glamourcon and VAMP shows are selling out waaaaaay in advance. We recommend reserving your table as soon as possible to ensure your spot. Contact us at

This site and some of the following links deal with adult material. In order to fully access this site and links you must be 18 years of age or older, not be offended by adult oriented material and such material must be legal for you to view in your community.

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